Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life is happening all around me, except TO me

So I've been talking to various people around me regarding the fact that it appears that life is happening for everyone but me. Is it just me or is every single person you know moving to a "new stage" in their life? Yea..I'm not by the way. I just celebrated my 27th birthday about two weeks ago. This was kinda scary, I mean I wasn't affected by the previous birthdays so what was the big deal about this one? I'm not sure but I'll tell you what, it wasn't pretty the little scenarios I made up in big old head of mine. I seriously convinced myself that I was going to be the lady who goes to her reunion and you just know the minute she walks in the door that one she is not married, second, she then clearly has no children, C, she has no plans of getting married but not by her choice, and lastly she definitely has cats...yes plural, more than one and these are her companions. Not only did I decide this I also decided that in order to get things moving I needed to get moving. Maybe I needed a new job (not that there was anything wrong with mine, well maybe a few things, but hey its a really good job!), a new life, a new location, and a new wardrobe (okay maybe that is pretty standard for me, but I've really been trying lately to cap the spending in the style category). But then a funny thing happened, I went to Virginia Beach and realized I didn't need to any of these things. Just like the quote from My So Called Life - "But there are sometimes in my life where being me, right now, where I am, is just like, enough", right now was, no IS enough for me. I think maybe it takes just a little dose of my mother, a dance party in my best friend's kitchen, and a 4 hour drive with Jack talking about my family to realize that I'm doing pretty damn good and what's my big rush? I mean this entire city is filled with people in a hurry. I just haven't figured out why they are in such a hurry...where are they going? it really that important?...can't it wait just 60 seconds for that red light they just ran?...such a big hurry and such a short life we live. So, to make a long story short (ha, like I can do that), I'm going to quote Angela (Claire Danes) and say "...there are sometimes in my life where being me, right now, where I am, is just like, enough. "