Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Dad is Amusing

I just got off the phone with my mother and she told me a great story about my father.  I had to share.  The man is just too amusing sometimes.

My mother walks in the house last night and my father is wandering around turning on all the Christmas lights in the windows.  She says he stops and says...

My Dad:  The litter box was awful when I came in.  Just filled with crap.  I had to change it out, just too much.
My Mother:  Oh, geeze.  Thanks for doing that though!
My Dad:  Yea, no biggie.  I'm going to turn the rest of these lights on.

So he goes about doing so and then stops in the hallway and looks at her....

My Dad:  I've gotta find that bag of crap.
My Mom:  What?
My Dad:  I cleaned out the cat crap and then I started turning on the lights.  I had the bag of crap in my hand, but now I don't know what I did with it.  Its got to be in this house somewhere.
My Mom:  You lost the bag of cat crap?!?!
My Dad:  I sure did.  I've gotta find that bag of crap!  Do you smell it anywhere?
My Mom:  *laughing hysterically at this point*  No, I don't smell the crap anywhere.
My Dad:  Dadblammit, how did I lose a big gray bag of cat shit?!?!

Needless to say, my father found the bag in one of the bedrooms.  He had apparently put it down when turning on the lights in the windows.  Ahhh, my father.  I love the man!!

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Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

I am sure that you and the rest of your family are glad he found it! That would have smelled awful by Christmas ;)

Oh, and btw, you can use my craft machine anytime :) It's portable!