Thursday, March 13, 2008

My new love...

No, its not a person silly, its Pole Dancing. First and foremost I must send a shout out to my Homey for introducing me to Goddess Fitness in Bethesda. I have to admit that my little recent incident has jump started this love, but really I'm loving it. So Homey bought a pole last weekend and I'm so jealous. I want a pole! Now I'm going to have to go to her house to practice all the time. Better than paying $15 each time we want to practice at the studio. I've become so into it that I am spending sooo much of my time on YouTube checking out all of amazingly talented women showcase their skills.

Okay I realize you are thinking of strippers, in a skanky bar, spreading their panunu hanging out all over the place. Yea, it isn't really like that. Its an art. I swear to you, this takes so much power and talent. You are essentially holding your own weight the entire time. Contorting yourself with the utmost flexibility. Say what you will, this is an amazing sport. It makes you feel so confident, it makes you feel capable, it makes you feel alive. And for the first time in a few weeks I forgot about everything while I was doing it. I realized that nothing exists while I'm twirling around that pole. Its like this realm that just captures you and pulls you in. Spinning and twirling and floating in the air.

The bad part comes with the bruises and the pole burn and the soreness of your muscles. The fumbling with the shoes, the teetering on the heels, the fear of breaking your ankle. But even after that, its still ecstasy spinning around that pole. It is, my new love.

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