Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Eat it, Eat it, Eat it, Eat it.....

So while on vacation in Mexico, which happens to be like the place with the nicest people in the world, I started reading The 4 Hour Body. At first, I was bored by this story. You have super human strength, more money than God, only work a few hours a week (yea I read your other book Tim Ferris), blahzay, blahzay, blahzay. But then I started really reading. And I got hooked on this Slow-Carb Diet thing. I love working out, so that isn't an issue for me. Yea I know you just GTS'd didn't you? Ummm GTS means Google That Shit. Its my mantra at work. I say it to everyone. Since apparently I'm my Paycheck Place Informational Line, I've started saying "Yea you should just GTS." Then thanking them and hanging up. Anyway, back to my story.

I convinced Coal Miner to do the Slow-Carb Diet with me beginning the day we got back from vacay. Now let me just tell you that we went to an all-inclusive resort, including alcohol, so we ate enough for a small African nation while we were there. Funny enough though I lost 2kg (yea the scale was only in kgs, so bite me) while on vacation. How does one do that? I'll tell you how. They wake up the day after drinking themselves to oblivion and blacking out, and proceed to crap continuously for like 4 hours. TMI? Whatevs, deal with it. Jezus, why can't I stay on track?!?!?!

Okay so we started the Slow-Carb Diet on Tuesday. Its now Thursday. I want a Cinnabon topped with a slice of cheese pizza so bad I could punch someone. I mean what is that? I don't even eat Cinnabon or pizza! Well no that's a lie, I mean I eat them on occasion. But its not like I eat them all of the time!!! Anyway, I was fine yesterday. I mean I was bold enough to even Tweet about it and be like this ain't hard, I'm a rockstar. True story, which can be seen via my Twitter. But today, I have no idea what happened. Why on Day 3 would I all of the sudden start gnawing my back fat for possible slivers of delicious Cinnabon gooey'ness?

At any rate, I'm sticking with this b/c well its Lent and I'm Southern Baptist and that's what SoBaps do dammint. Kidding, has nothing to do with Lent and has everything to do with trying to lose my mid section. I think you should pray for me. You should also pray for Coal Miner. Each day we continue eating healthier he talks to me about how he will be like one of those kids on the infomercials that needs money sent to them b/c they can't afford rice, if he continues down this path. He's melodramatic and its one of the main reasons I love him (and we get along so well). OH and when I have my binge day on Saturday, I plan to share each and every single thing I eat with you. Its going to be like hitting the crack pipe for the first time and I'm giddy with excitement. Saturday, hurry up betch.

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