Friday, June 19, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So its spring here in the good old Washington, DC (actually we are creeping up on summer on Sunday), and the need to clean-house has crept up once again. I thought I would just list out the items/areas where I really need to focus myself. I've listed them below, which I mean where else would I list them?
HOME: Let's start with my closet which is filled with shoes I don't wear, clothes I don't like, and bags I never use. What is my deal with keeping "things"? I mean don't get me wrong, I'm great about throwing away, so much so that I'll curse myself a month later after I realize that I've thrown something out that I need, lol. Okay so I'll start there with not just summer clothes, but the winter duds as well.

WORK: As we all know my jobbie job is constantly seen as a point of spiraling in my life. Some days are awesome, some days are rancid, some days are bleh. Unfortunately, most of the days are rancid. I love what I do, I love the mission of what I'm doing, but the people I work with can be unbearable at times. My organization is solely faced on the upward ladder and people here could care less about the mission and would rather just stab you in the back, throw you under the bus, or whatever else they can do to get ahead. Not to mention the "we own you" mentality. For instance they wanted me to reschedule my vacation (that had been planned for a year) to stick around for some silly implementation. Ummm, if I were a VP I'd be all over that, but alas, I'm not, so NO WAY JOSE. So I'll just keep the "search" alive and hope for the best.

"FRIENDS": I've always said that if the relationship is one sided I see no point in putting in so much effort. Specifically if you want to be friends with me and you covet our friendship so much, you'll make just as much effort as I do, correct? Right now that isn't the case. So if I'm the only one who calls you, or initiates emails, or tries to plan things with you and you are the one who doesn't pick up, respond to my emails, or is always are the one I'm talking about friend. Or how about the folks who don't need anyone but their significant other. I find that hilarious. What are these people going to do if they break up, get divorced, or lose them (God forbid). Are you just going to expect people to be around to "dust you off and help you up?" Come on folks, grow up, be your own person, there's a lot of world out there beyond the one in which you live. So I'm going to have to just leave some folks alone and see if they come around sooner or later.

Housing/Location: Should I move to FL, should I not? Should I buy a house here, should I not? Should I live by myself, should I not? Should I live in the city, should I stick to the suburbs. Maaan, the choices are just endless. I've decided this is my plan. I leave the next 6 - 9 months for me to make a decision on whether or not I move to FL. During this time I'll continue to apply for jobs and keep the dream a live. If all doesn't work out in the next 6 - 9 then I will buy a place here, hopefully in the city. Sound like a plan? Sounds good to moi.

Have I missed anything? Oh lawrd I hope not.

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