Thursday, June 2, 2011

Women Should Help Women. End of Story.

I'm a firm believer in helping others. Whether I know you or not. If you are in a pinch, I'll most likely help out. Its just something my parents taught me and I hope to teach my children one day as well. I apply the same principle when it comes to my career. I find that by helping others you really do end up furthering your own career by teaching yourself and others at the same. I'm particularly interested in helping my female colleagues move up the food chain. Recently I've noticed that sentiment really isn't shared by most women here at the paycheck place. I'm always open to offer my assistance, my feedback, and a helping hand to the my female counterparts. It appears a large number of them aren't willing to do the same. It got me thinking...why is that?

I went back in my mind to my first job out of college. I worked for a major rental car company who promised me the world. I was working 14 hour days, in the rain, sleet or snow (my hair actually froze on several occasions), for $10/hour, in DC. I was cleaning cars, risking my life driving around in the snow, being verbally abused by customers, all while my female boss stood by and said "I need more from you Megan. More hours, more smiles, more sales. Just, MORE!" She offered me no assistance on how to fulfill these goals she had set for me and when I told her that I wasn't happy and was thinking about finding another job, she laughed. She told me most women weren't cut off for this line of work. But she was, she was making it, and I, well I was just another "girl who can't handle the pressure." She set the tone for the next decade of my life.

Since then I've had over 6 female bosses, with only one of them devoting the time and effort towards mentoring me. I still keep in touch with her, mostly b/c I would give anything to work for her again. She was calm, courageous, outspoken, and smart. Above all, she was genuinely interested in allowing me to flourish in my career.

I've had two male bosses in the past 3 years, they both got me promoted (two promotions, two different bosses). I don't even think I need to say anything more. Why ladies? Why? Do we do it to ourselves? I think so. We are the demise of our own gender. That glass ceiling is still there and if you think it isn't, you are highly mistaken. Each day I watch the good ole boys walk down these hallways. They still run shit. They will continue to run shit. Unless we band together. Why don't you want to see your fellow ladies kick ass and take names? I envision a woman running this great nation. Displaying grace, instilling values, extending the olive branch, all while decreasing our debt, keeping social security alive, and creating balance. We do this at home everyday, why can't we do it for the country as well?

I know I may seem like I'm on a "WOMAN POWER" rant right now. That's not the intention. I want you to really take a look, as a female, at the women around you. Are you ensuring that we all get to the top. If you go, will you take them with you? Are you still stabbing women in the back, years after you've left your childhood behind? Do you realize how powerful women really are, and could continue to be? I have so many girlfriends who are killing it at work right now. I want nothing more than to see you have it all. You'll get there, I'm certain of it. Just promise me when you do, you'll another female that opportunity. Promise me you'll go out of your way to enrich the career of another female. How could you not? We owe it to ourselves ladies. We are the only way.

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agesofyou said...

Regarding divisiveness, the easiest way to keep a group of people from coming together to rally against a shared concern is to distract them with ways to fight against one another, instead of against the people who are running the show. That way, like you said, not only does business as usual remain uninterrupted, but also the people who run the show (men, and I'm assuming majority white) and the men who benefit indirectly from the show, by virtue of being men, conveniently reap the reward of being praised when they DO promote a woman.

Some women do not want to rise against a system they think benefits them individually, but hinders them collectively, because THEY are getting ahead, or think they're getting ahead, period. Getting ALL women on board is impossible, but getting more people of all varieties (especially those white men who benefit indirectly from the show) to be aware of WHO runs a show, who benefits from a show, and who is hurt from the show is a more likely feat. The trick is starting the process - getting people aware!

Btw - I like your blog!