Thursday, August 20, 2009

Am I OK if I say WTF on a Daily Basis?

Dude today sucks and I want a do-over of last night. I didn't go running this morning b/c I decided to sleep an extra hour. Dude I'm a slacker. Maybe I'll get to go running tonight while its 4 trillion degrees outside. I'm getting pretty cised about my little vacation with my PIC this weekend, however Hurricane Bill (yes, they actually named a hurricane Bill, that's just funny) might put a little damper on our sun exposure and that does not make this Sun Queen very happy. I need to bask in the beauty of a UV Index 10 and I don't want that to be disturbed. If Hurricane Bill knows what's good for him, he'll lay off on hitting the east coast until Monday so I can miss out on work. You hear that Hurricane Bill? You better watch it you prick, you are on my sh!t list.

I thought last night went rad, but maybe I was mistaken. Homeboy is super cute, but I haven't heard anything today. I hope its not that gey 3-day rule. I mean seriously who created this BS? Why would you wait 3 days? Is that a fun game to torture yourself when you want to speak to someone? GEY! Oh I've decided on a nickname for him - it shall be Coal Miner.

Dinner with the ex is supposed to be tonight, but in his usual fashion I have not heard a peep from him since Monday. He'll probably call 10 minutes before he's coming to pick me up and tell me to get ready. That's so his steeze. I was talking to Coal Miner about him last night and its funny when you look back on things and realize the ish you put up with b/c you were "so in love". I realized I was miserable for like the last year...probably longer, but I can only really remember the last year just being purely un-enjoyable. And that f'er was like sex texting and sex emailing people, WTF? Why did I put up with that? Guess you will do crazy ish when you are "in love". You like how I keep putting that in quotes? Its b/c I think its haaalarious.

On a different note, today at work I called our "help desk" - aka "The 7's" and they were of no help, once again. Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Hey I'm trying to get this requisition to submit and I'm receiving an error on Line Schedule 1. I have no idea what that means, can you help?
HD Guy: I think that means that you are missing some information on Line Schedule 1.
Me: What and where is Line Schedule 1?
HD Guy: Oh I'm not sure maam.
Me: Seriously? Well how do I find out?
HD Guy: I'm not sure maam.
Me: So you can't help me?
HD Guy: Well it seems like I answered your question, did I not?
Me: Umm not exactly. You don't even know where Line Schedule 1 is, so how does that help me?
HD Guy: I'm not sure ma'am.
Me: Okay, well thanks...uhhh...I guess.
HD Guy: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Me: Did you just assist me and I missed something?
HD Guy: I'm sorry ma'am?
Me: Nothing...have a good day
HD Guy: You too ma'am and thank you for calling The 7's.
They are the most useless group of individuals known to mankind. And do you know that we outsource Utah. Of all places, we picked Utah? WTF? As usual logic is beyond me, but that's how we roll here.

Alright, back to the daily grind. Peace out baishes.

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