Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Having a Private Conversation Mister Officer

Last week is kind of a blur. I'm not sure what happened but I know that it involved a lot of working and me missing Restaurant Week with my favorite ladies at a super yummy place I've never been. Oh well, guess they do pay my bills huh?

First topic of conversation - a friend who hasn't spoken to me in months is upset b/c I made a comment on FB, in return to a comment her ex-husband made on my FB. The pure hilarity of the fact that I even just wrote that sentence is enough to make me laugh for a few days, but I guess I should display some remorse for speaking to her ex-husband, who I used to live with, and was friends with prior to she and I becoming friends. But I mean who is keeping track? Said friend is playing the victim card as she usually does, even though said friend was not planning on inviting me to her upcoming wedding prior to this little incident (I only found this out b/c our mutual friend let me know I didn't make the cut for the guest list). Guess I'm not as good of a friend as we (both parties) believed huh? I know, I know, I should take the high road and call and see what the deal is, but quite honestly its exhausting trying to be friends with people who aren't your friend in return. Imma sit this one out and let it pass.

Next topic - my lack of self control. I'm pretty disappointed in myself as I set out to really prove to that I could and found that alas, I have 0 self control, 0. I mean its kind of ridiculous really, but I guess I am who I am and I need to just embrace that huh? I keep letting other people tell me how I should/n't be, act, progress and really who the hell are they to tell me what's best for me? I could just be acting like a girl, which is probably the case b/c I'm pretty good at that. Cut me some slack, Aunt Flow is coming to visit and we all know us women get a little crazy when Aunt Flow is planning to visit for a few days.

Looking forward to this weekend as: a) its Labor Day which means I have a 5-day weekend, b) I get to see my sister, bro-in-law, and the cutest 18mo old ever, c) I get to see my parents and have Mom's cooking, d) I get to go to the beach, and e)3.5 hours in a car all alone torture myself with soul searching one can only do when one is alone in a car on 95.

Random thought - I decided that I really need to limit my alcohol intake as I'm pretty sure my liver cannot continue at this pace of consumption. I may be dead by 35 if I'm not careful.

Random thought #2 - I watched SATC the movie again today for the 10th time and I cried again for the 10th time, will I ever get sick of that movie?

Okay this post is boring me and probably you. Sorry I don't have any fun stories to tell you. Oh how about this gem - Coal Miner and I got caught by the FFX Police last night "making out" in the car - ahhh being 16 again is so refreshing. And really why do CM and I like to make out in cars so much, its kind of strange, but funny at the same time. We also enjoy parking lots, niccceeee and trashy [I just heard that country song "I like my women just a little on the trashy side...well they were their clothes tight and their hair is dyed. Too much wiskey, too much booze, gets me excited..." in my head when I typed that]

Oh another gem, Under Armour has been texting....why, I have no idea, but at least the texts are extremely humorous.

Peace out baishes.

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