Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its Coming to a Close

So Birthday Week is coming to an end and I must say this year was HELLA fun. This might be one of the best Birthday Weeks I have had in a long long time. Let's do the rundown of events:

Friday Night
- bbq at my girlfriend's place in Great Falls where we sang karaoke and drank until 2am. I met "One Nut Paul" and had the absolute honor of actually seeing his "one nut" which is the size of an orange. Not to mention Pat from San Diego whose voice sounded like my rendition of a Denny's Waitress and made me almost tinkle twice with his fantastic stories of being blessed from the waist down by the heavens above.

- DMB at Nissan with my best friend and her boyfriend and the ex-girl of one of my friends. It seriously didn't matter how much I drank I could not get faced, UNTIL, I drank that 22 of Miller Light. Dude I sat down on my towel on the lawn after that and it was all over. Not to mention I was hungry. I remembered there were Baja Fresh burritos in the car and I couldn't get them off of my mind. I didn't even want to see the finale, I just wanted that dagon burrito. I must admit, it was quite deelish. Oh and let's not forget my bestie and I acting like white trash and starting a fight at the concert. But in my defense that chick called me a slut and a ho and she didn't even know me! I mean at least take the time to formulate an opinion on my sexual nature before spewing your thoughts...people these days.

Sunday Funday
- went out with a very cute boy, his fam, and my bestie on a boat in Annapolis. That was the best Sunday Funday to date, not sh*ting you, it was AWESOME. I laughed for 8 hours straight. I mean seriously I've never been around people who have made me laugh so much, not to mention that totally get my sense of humor. Annapolis boy is uber freaking cute and sweet and kinda dreamy, but in case he reads this I don't want him to get a big head (yes, I just said head, lol).

Monday Recovery (Actual Birthday)
- Took the day Monday to recuperate from Sunday Funday, ran errands, got my nails done, and then headed out to dinner with my sistas from different mistahs. These ladies are my family in DC. Without the two of them I'm not sure how I would have made it through some of the most ridiculous times in my life. Dinner at Central was so freaking good and to top it off, my PIC took care of the whole thing for us. Oh and the bestie got me the cutest freaking top and bangles. This one is going in the memory book. And I can't forget to mention the HB wishes on Facebook and via text. My friends truly do rock and have hearts of gold.

Tuesday Night
- Well, lets just say that he used to work at Cvent and I didn't know that prior to meeting him for dinner and it didn't work out well and he's not my type. Next. (None the less, dinner at Cafe Deluxe was deelish).

Wednesday Night
- Dinner at Oya with my faves where I laughed the entire evening. Talking about baboons, and ex's, and sex, and sex shows, and penises, and relationships, and cheating wives/husbands, and gossiping, it was sheer delight. Even though these ladies are older than me we just connect. They make me strive to find my prince charming, have more confidence in myself than I thought imaginable, and find humor in a situation where only I would, lol. Not to mention our waiter single-handily ruined every single special moment we were about to have and then served me a frozen dessert cake, NIIICCCEEEE.

So that leads to me today....I was supposed to have dinner with my best gay and his boy, but I'm dined out this week and I think this swine flu thing is really starting to get to me. But at least I'm resting up tonight to head to SML (Smith Mountain Lake) to hang with my favorite pledge sister and her fam. I'm cised to get to the country for the weekend and talk like a hick with her. We all know I'd move back to the country in a hot second if they had a Sax 5th Avenue within a 20 mile radius and a kick tail job to boot.

All, in all, birthday week was good this year. I miss my family, but they showered me with gifts and love via the phone, email, and US Postal System. I'm starting to think my 29th birthday might be hard to top, but next year...ohhhh next year is the big one and I'm thinking I might just do it up Megan Style. We shall see...oh yes, we shall see.


Crystal said...


We totally had a "One Nut Russell" in my hometown!! He was my neighbor even and one day I came home and he was naked in a tree. I don't know why, but I am kicking myself to this day for running in the house immediately without tryign to see his one ball.

Crystal = Jealous

MDubs said...

You are totally missing was amazing to say the least.