Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curious conversation, do whaaat?

This has been the longest week ever known to man kind. WILL IT EVER ENNNNDDDDDDD???? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I came back from spending the weekend my best PS at Smith Mountain Lake and I was completely devastated to come back to the concrete jungle. I kid you not, as I'm driving on 81, everyone is sweet, lets you get over in their lane, uses turning signals, waves when you let them pass, says thank you when you let them over. AND THEN I hit 66, it was like a light switch went off. People flicking you off, no use of signals, cut me off - hey why not, swerve into my lane - of course you will b/c you are on the phone. Road rage at its finest and it all started when I hit the ole Interstate 66. Gotta love it.

This weekend I'm planning on going to Ocean Schitty for the first time with my PIC. I'm freaking stoked. I will visit all of the "hawt" spots such as Seacrets. Honestly we just want to get ourselves to a beach and we lived in Va Bizzle our whole lives so we figured we should check out what MD has to offer. Both PIC and I have lived in DC for 7 years, not once have we crossed the Bay Bride on the MD side. Isn't that sad? We thought so, so off to Ocean Shitty we go. Dude why are hotel rooms so expensive there? Fugging nuts, like $275/night, WTF Maryland? Ain't cool and ish better be worth it or I'm going to single-handily try and ruin the good name of Ocean Schitty over the next 12 months.

Going on a date tonight, hope he doesn't suck. No seriously, I hope he doesn't. B/c let's review the last two dates I've been on thus far. The first was promising. I liked him, I thought he liked me, apparently I was wrong on that front. I'm pretty sure I gave it up too easily so I mean hell I can't blame the guy. Next one was the guy who used to work at my former place of employment as well. Dude didn't ask me one question about myself. Not joking, not one question. Then he starts calling me and emailing me being like "I had SUCH a good time. You are really awesome to be around and have a way of making people feel at ease. I would LOVE to get together again." Yea fat chance with that one son. So this guy seems rad. We talked on IM last night for almost 2 hours. I didn't realize it had been that long. He made me laugh the entire time and I swear to the heavens above he took the words right out of my mouth several times (and we all know that's somewhat hard to do when it comes to me). He seems smart, funny, witty, good looking...But let me tell you what, those dayum pictures can be really deceiving. Those f'ers will put up pictures from like years ago. Or ones where they are really tan and buff and looking great. I'm leery of most of those pics, but I got this dude's FB and he looks the same in all the pictures so I've got a good feeling about this one. I shall report in full by the beginning of next week. How hilarious is it that we got each other's FB...Gawd I'm still a child.

You know I was just thinking that possibly I shouldn't put this jank on here until its been a while huh? LOL O hail, I'm an open book, eff it. I'm not trying to hide anything. While we are on the subject of speaking the truth, I really like Annapolis, but he is just so dayum busy. And sometimes I think he just doesn't really want a girlfriend. I think he is perfectly content being I think he REALLY likes it. Guess I have to wait that one out huh?

Okay I guess I should try and look busy at work. Cut me some slack, I've worked 10 hour days the past two days and I finally got a break today amid the frantic HAMP bs I deal with on a daily basis. Peace out from the norfwes side of DC ya'll.

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