Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Master Cleanse Day 1

Okay so I decided to try this Master Cleanse thing. Its not really because I want to lose weight, though that won't hurt the matter, its really because I've been reading some great things about it. It can help clear up your skin, help you curb your appetite after you complete the cleanse, give you more energy, detoxify, just to name a few. So I thought: "Hey let's give it a shot".

So the first drink I was dreading. I just knew it was going to taste like hail. So WonderMo sat with me at work while I fixed the first drink and also took the first sip with me. Much to my surprise, it was actually tasty! The maple syrup gives it a little bit of a natural cocoa taste and the cayenne pepper gives it a little kick. However, the first go round I found that I probably should have put the water in before I put the ice in (I'm having them cold) because the last bit of the drink made me sweat!! It was so hot it was like fire in my mouth! So word to the wise, mix first, then add water.

Im on my fifth glass today, only five more to go. I'm going to fix a pitcher of it because I'm finding the single cocktail creation seems to take a lot longer than necessary and is quite messy. So I figure this will make it a bit easier. I'm not going to lie, I've been hungry a few times today, but honestly it isn't as bad as I thought. I'm sure by tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning I'm going to want to eat my arm, but for now...I'm really okay.

I'm headed to the gym and wondering if I'm going to pass out while I'm on the elliptical, lol :) Anyhoo, I'm going to keep chronicling and see what this little cleanse brings!

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