Monday, October 29, 2007


For six years now, yes you read that correctly SIX, I have been visiting the doctor every three months b/c well my body has a mind of its own. Most people would have responded to the various procedures but not me, I mean come on..that's tooooo easy for me! So today I went to my 3-month check-up and got the best news in a long time. I got on the scale and I had lost 7lbs since the last time I was there!! The nurse gave me a high five, ain't that some sheit?!?! Okay so that wasn't the really good news, but it did make me really happy. And while we are the subject I went to Lerner this weekend (shut up, I like their chinos and their tanks) and I went down a pants size. SWEET VICTORY! :) I will continue on my journey to my perfect size, please stay tuned. Okay now for the really good news. So my doctor comes in, comments on how good I look (I had to throw that in) and then we do our thang and she says. Oh by the way, when you come in for your appointment in February that's going to be your annual and then if all goes well today you won't have to come back for a year. I asked her to repeat herself b/c I could have sworn she said I wasn't going to have to come back to her office for a year. So she repeated the entire sentence again and my imagination hasn't gotten the best of me I really don't have to go back for a year if all goes well today. SWEET VICTORY SCORE 2!!! Oh yes, maybe this weight loss and abstinence thing (not by choice, his parents are in town) is really working for me. I mean no coffee, no soda, no candy (though I did eat like sheit today, but then I went to the gym and worked my a$$ off for it), and the truth lies in the pants size doesn't it?!?! :) I'm so excited I can't even begin to explain it. Losing weight + No doctor's for a year = Happy Girl. AND to top my evening off, I went over to the house and hung with the parents and mommy dearest and I are actually friendly...this day, this day is ROCKIN. I'm almost sad to go to sleep b/c then this amazing day will be over...sigh...maybe I'll stay up for just a bit longer and try my hand at that crossword I can't seem to solve. VICTORY!!

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