Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Too Cute to be Mad At, Aren't I?

Who has two thumbs and likes to drink too much? THIS GIRL. Apparently the pieces I don't remember of Saturday night are not so pretty. I unfortunately (maybe its fortunate b/c if I did I would move to Canada) don't remember what it is exactly I said or for that matter didn't say, but it wasn't a welcome addition to the evening thats for dayum sure. So here I am to apologize to the Coal Miner for being "that girl" on our 3rd date and to own up to all the fabulousness that comes along with hanging out with moi. Let's just say I enjoyed my red wine a bit too much and started talking ridiculous amounts and discussing topics that shouldn't be covered before you've known an individual for at least a year. I honestly have no idea why I said some of the things I apparently said, but at least we got the embarrassing, yet extremely fun and sometime serious, drunk Megan incident out of the way. Good for folks to learn early about this rare occurrence that takes place. At least now its not surprising right? lol I know, it isn't funny and I shouldn't laugh, but I am laughing. I laughed a lot yesterday, I laughed a lot this morning, mostly b/c I don't know how you couldn't laugh at the situation. So Coal Miner I'm sorry to have done that to you, sometimes I suck and I'm drunk, but most of the time I'm the coolest effin chick I know. Forgive me?

Additional Requests for Forgiveness
S&W, sorry for dropping the f bomb in front of you as you are LL's parents, but at least I apologized at the time (or that's what John told me I did). Forgive me?

LL I'm sorry I cussed in front of your parents and drank all of the wine, but I love you and can't wait to see you in Indy. Forgive me?

KH, sorry I tried to steal your mother from you. I promise I'll share her when she adopts me. Forgive me?

Liver, I'm so very sorry I made you process all of that alcohol. Forgive me? [Update: Currently Negotiating]

Self, I'm sorry to have done that to you, I'll be better I promise. Forgive me? [Update: Forgiven]

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