Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Me + Intersections = BAD IDEA

Labor Day has come and gone. Sigh - this means that Fall is coming very very soon. I noticed the other day its getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier, NOOOOOOOO [said very dramatically almost in slow motion]. Good visit with the fam this weekend, got to see Baby Carrigan which happens to be the most beautiful child ever. And I'm not just saying that, the kid is absolutely gorgeous. My sister and brother-in-law can breed some hotties let me tell you. I hope this next one is a hottie too b/c then I can brag a little more about my extremely good looking family. Oh yea, my sister is pregs - I'm not supposed to tell anyone but I HAVE to tell someone. I'm dying. She only has a week until she's almost done with the first trimester, so I figure I'm safe now blaring it to the interwebs right? I mean this is sorta private and really who reads this ish anyway?

Oh yea, want to know what's fun? When you get into an accident the night you are supposed to drive down to the 757 to spend Labor Day with your family. Yea, cause I did that on Thursday night coming home from work. I T-boned a 17 year old, niiiccceeeee. At least it wasn't my fault. That little shit came barreling through the intersection pushing his 3 series convertible to the limits to, trying beat me through the intersection. The gem of this entire thing, I didn't even know what happened, like seriously had no idea I had even hit a car. All of the sudden there was an airbag in my face, smoke, squealing tires, and broken glass. Kudos to Tom Ford b/c the sunglasses survived the entire ordeal without a scratch. I guess that is what happens when they cost $400 right? At that price they better make it through a little t-bone action. More kudos to RIM and Apple b/c the Blackberry and the iPhone went flying out of the cup holders and they also don't have a scratch. Again, at the price I paid for that iPhone it better effin survive. Oh and I didn't cry, I mean that is seriously impressive for moi. I cry at the drop of a hat, no tears (well not until I got into my house and then I cried in the living room but come on that's not in public and its totally reasonable given that I should have been a lot more hurt than I currently am, which is not hurt at all). Here's a pic of my car - so sad :(

I'm hoping they don't total it and I can just get it fixed b/c homegurl really isn't into car payments. I paid Ina (that is her name, RESPECT IT) off a year ago and its been reeeeel reeeeel nice not having that extra $400 come out of my pocket monthly. So cross your fingers, momma wants to buy a house and not have an added expense on top of that, so send those lucky vibes this direction.

How exciting that this is a 4-day work week huh? Werd. And next week I have a 3-day work week. Rad. I could get used to this, lol. I guess I better get some work done now. Effin PowerPoint just sitting on my screen staring at me waiting to be completed. Sigh, this is my life.

Peace out from the norfwes side of DC.

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