Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Really? Cuz I Still Don't Care...Just Thought You Should Know

It was brought to my attention that I use quite a few words and/or sayings that folks are unfamiliar or make them a little uncomfortable. I'm here to clarify most of my terms/sayings and what they mean to me. Now please understand that this may not be the correct and/or actual use of the term, but suck it, its my ish, its how I talk, so deal with it. Also I may have stolen a few of these from other people down the road, but that's just how this world works.  Got it? Great, lets begin. Get your pens/pencils ready kiddies, this should be gooood.

1. ish = sh*t

2. Get Better = when something is so awesome it really can't get any better

3. Get Worse = when something is so bad, you really can't get any worse

4. do what? = I don't hear you; I don't understand you; I just want to make fun of you

5. Jank = general term used to talk about items, stuff, etc.

6. with a quickness = Really? Do I really need to explain this? Hurry up.

7. OMO = Oh My Ohm

8. Shut the front door = Shut the f*ck up

9. Trrruuueeee = Lil Kim anyone?

10. Baish, Beitch, Betch = b*tch

11. Chronic, Dank, Rad = used to describe when something is off the chains

12. FNA = effing a$$shole

13. Besos = this is Spanish for kisses (Coal Miner this was especially for you)

14. Shut your face = Whatever; Please be quiet; stop talking immediately; I feel stupid and don't like to feel stupid

15. Faced = short for sh*t faced

16. Blazed = high

17. Werd = word

18. China = vagina

19. Okes = its the plural version of okay

20. No worries = its cool

21. haaaaaa-lareous = hilarious

22. P.I.C. = partner in crime

23. you dayum rite = I think that’s self explanatory

24. steeze = how I roll

25. the gerbils are running = when I lay in bed at night and cannot stop thinking

26. apple splatters (i recently acquired this) = diarrhea

27. butt throwing up = diarrhea

28. Oooooo Ooooooooooo = how I greet my PIC; an exclamation when things are awesome

29.  Valid = correct; exactly; agreed; yes 

Ps the picture at the top has nothing to do with this post.  I just think David Beckham is a gift to women from the heavens above, and should practice getting someone pregnant with me.


Amber D. said...

Um, anyone who puts a Lil Kim reference from the song "Crush on You" is cool in my book.

I understood your vocab, on the really real.

Candice said...

Here is one you need to add to your repertoire.

FOS- Full of shit.

I use it often because I have shitty (pardon the pun) karma, and I often find myself surrounded by those who are indeed, full of shit.

MDubs said...

Ya'll make me laugh, I heart it long time. :)