Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Awards, Who? Me?!?! TAG THAT A$$!!

So Amber over at Everybody's Working for the Weekend tagged me a few days back (sorry about the delay I've been busy getting busy with the Coal Miner) with these two "awards" of sorts.  Amber is one of the funniest bitches I've never met, and I think its pretty rad that she would tag me to either a) entertain her or b)she couldn't think of anyone else and just picked me.  Either way I'm super stoked b/c I've never won a blog award and I just tinkled myself a little b/c I got so excited at the idea.  At any rate here are my awards and they entail some serious thought and consideration (which honestly Amber can you not make me think while I'm at work please?!?!):

Kreative Blogger Award:  I'm supposed to list 7-10 facts about me then pass the “Kreativ Blogger’ award on to other favorite bloggers of mine.  I hope I don't fug this up and tag someone who's already been tagged, which I probably will.  Anyway, here goes nothing.

1.  I've never been skiing, snowboard, etc.  I've basically never done any sport that involves snow.  Want to know why?  Its b/c I hate being cold.  Specifically I hate being cold and wet at the same time.  I also like to always be able to feel my fingers and toes and not feel like an amputee, so I gracefully decline each time I'm asked to go on some sort of snow adventure.  *please note I'm supposed to go skiing with Coal Miner this "season", pray for me

2.  I've never been camping.  Like real camping people.  I mean my grandparents had this awesome camper, but I don't think that counts.  Want to know why?  B/c I like to take showers, like 2 - 3 a day.  I also have this thing with washing my face.  I have oily skin, I need to wash it so shut your face.  Also, I hate bugs, peeing/crapping in a hole, and sleeping on dirt.  *please note I'm supposed to go camping with Coal Miner, pray for me

3.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day.  I'm addicted.  I honestly start to get angry and jittery when I don't have a glass of water in front of me.  I can also instantly begin to feel a UTI coming on when I don't have my water.  I add nothing to my water, just ice, but I LOVE my water.  Oh and some days I get sick of water so I'll buy a Coke or something and then I'll immediately chug a water b/c its so dayum sugary.

4.  I don't drink caffeinated anything. I went on this detox a few years back and haven't drank caffeine on a regular basis since then. I swear to the heavens above if you do this detox you will understand how evil caffeine actually is to your body. I thought my brain was going to fly out of my forehead the first day when I was withdrawing from caffeine like a fugging crack head. Awful. You can read about the whole freaking ordeal here, if you have any interest. I'd totally do it again, I'm not going to lie.

5.  Every time someone talks, I hear a song that corresponds with some word/phrase that was in a sentence they have said to me.  I spend my entire day singing songs in my head based on what someone said and/or I overheard.  To clarify, its mostly due to the fact that a phrase/word they say is actually in a song that I know most of the lyrics.  Its important to note that I pretty much know the lyrics to every song ever made.

6.  I was a pageant queen. Yea hold in your vomit. I loved it. I have no secrets here on this blog, I loved the stage. I loved the hair, the makeup, the dresses, the talent, the questions. I love the limelight and by God I got it from my pageants. I'm pretty certain that's why I became a cheerleader. Not only because I have awesome legs and the shorter the skirt the better, but b/c I love being the center of attention (maybe I need therapy, nah, fug it I'm just an attention whore).

7.  I secretly love the fact that I'm the last child in my family.  Don't get me wrong, it was hard teaching my parents all those lessons about bad kids and what they really do on Friday nights, but I think I got the best deal out of that scenario.  I had my parents all to myself for 4 full years.  It was kind of awesome.  I became best friends with my mother and father, and I swear we have this awesome bond that neither sister can compete.  Guess it isn't really a secret anymore, but I'm pretty sure they knew that anyway.

On to my next award (I say with a sassy little grin)...

Over the Top! Award: 

Rules for the Over the Top! Award say that I can only use one word to describe a series of questions I'm given.  Then I have to tag 6 other bloggers (but I don't know that many...dilemma..hmmm) to do the same.  Okay let's do this sh!t, oooo ooooooooooo.

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk
2.Your hair? Long
3. Your mother? Hysterical
4. Your father? Loving
5. Your favorite food? Seafood
6. Your dream last night? Weird
7. Your favorite drink? H2O
8. Your dream/goal? Balance
9. What room are you in? 4000W
10. Your hobby? Wine
11. Your fear? Saggy
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Successful
13. Where were you last night? Maggianos
14. Something that you aren’t? Sad
15. Muffins? Tops
16. Wish list item? Lottery
17. Where did you grow up? Beach
18. Last thing you did? Tinkled
19. What are you wearing? Clothes
20. Your TV? Small
21. Your pets? Deceased
22. Friends? Yes
23. Your life? Rad
24. Your mood? Excited
25. Missing someone? CM
26. Vehicle? Infiniti
27. Something you’re not wearing? Panties *kidding*
28. Your favorite store? Saxs
29. Your favorite color? Bright
30. When was the last time you laughed? Now
31. Last time you cried? Weeks
32. Your best friend? Sister
33. One place that I go to over and over? Home
34. One person who emails me regularly? CM
35. Favorite place to eat? Zatinya
So I know I'm supposed to nominate someone, but if I were going to nominate anyone it would be Candice, or Amber, or Sassy, or Crystal and they've all aready done this jank.  I need to expand my blogsphere huh?  But these ladies entertain me on the reg, so I feel like I don't need to expand my blogsphere just yet, lol.
Got any suggestions for more regular reading on my part, send 'em my way.


Sassy Pants said...

Word of advice - skiing sucks whether it's your first time or your 18th. Trust me, I know first hand. I was excited when I found out I was pregnant because that means I don't have to go on the godforsaken family ski trip this year! Yay me!

Amber D. said...

Hey dude, if you've had a delay because of doing the deed with your man, I have no problem with that! And I picked you to entertain me of course, not because I couldnn't think of anyone else. Just so ya know.

Amber D. said...

DAMMIT I JUST NOTICED A SPELLING ERROR IN MY LAST COMMENT!!! It's couldn't, not couldnn't. Stupid sticking keyboard. That's gonna drive me nuts now.

MDubs said...

you like adding in an extra "n" huh? :)

Sassy thank you for the tip, I figured it was going to suck no matter who I was with, how drunk I was, or how much getting busy I was doing at the time.

Becky said...

regular reading:

I love your blog, megs!