Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why is it Always My Responsibility?

I've lived in Northern Virginia for 5 years now. Of the time that I've lived here I've had three (3) visitors. One was my mother, the second my sister, and the third my friend Kati (we went to the Tech game at FedEx two years ago). Of the 5 years that I've lived here I've traveled far and away to visit my friends/family. I've gone to Richmond, Atlanta, North Carolina, Miami, Charlottesville, New York, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, West Palm Beach, Norfolk, California and various places in the Metro DC/VA/MD area. And I haven't visited these places just once, I've gone multiple times. Yet, not one person (with the exception of Kati two years ago) has made any attempt to come visit me. I know I'm not supposed to talk about this b/c I'm going to stir up some bad feelings and people are going to feel hurt, etc, etc (hence the image to the left) but I'm just extremely irritated by it now. I get guilt trips left and right about visiting folks, but I don't throw that on anyone, NOT ONCE have I done that...until today. I feel bad b/c I think the brunt of my frustration came out in my email to one person when really it was intended for an entire distribution list. Heck, even my family expects me to come to them instead of the reverse. Because I'm only one...I'm’s’s not fair nor right and I have a pretty big issue with it.

I have a pretty harsh commute in the morning (if you live in Northern Virginia you understand). Each morning I get in my car to drive 13 miles. This 13 mile commute takes me 45 minutes on a good day. Yes, on a good day! I then get back in my car around 5:30/6:00pm to drive another 45 minutes, on a good day. I spend at least 2 hours of my day in a car. Do you think its fair for folks to request that I come visit them 4 hours away on my weekend? Before you answer that, let me also give you a little insight. We have this little area of NoVa called "The Mixing Bowl". This is where 495, 395, 295, and 95 come together...its awful, and it takes over 1 hour to get from that little spot to Woodbridge and then another hour to get to Quantico. So it takes me 2 hours to get out of NoVa (unless I leave on a random Thursday night or before 6am on a Friday). I would then have another 2 hours (at least) to get to my destination if it’s located someone on the map of Virginia. Now, you are right, I could leave on a Thursday night or a Friday morning but this entails me taking a vacation day. Oh that's nice...I'm taking a vacation day to come see people who have NEVER come to visit me? Does this sound right? Again, not fair nor right and I have a pretty big issue with it. Oh and don't even get me started on coming back here on a Sunday might as well fill up your tank, get some snacks, and get comfortable...cause you AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE! 240 miles = 6 hours...oh that's fun...OR NOT!

So all I'm saying people is cut me some slack okay. Unless you plan on showing your pretty little face in NoVa anytime soon (and I'm NOT talking about on your way to a football/baseball game) I suggest you put on your big boy pants (thanks RayRay) and quit your bitchin' b/c I'm trying my hardest to make everyone happy and believe me, it isn't easy!!!

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